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Asmaraloka 2023


Asmaraloka is an annual event organized by Soehanna Hall to provide references, experiences, and information related to wedding preparations. Asmaraloka is designed for prospective brides and those interested in weddings by associating with many experienced vendors to help them plan their dream wedding, such as; decorations, vendors, caterers, wedding organizers, photographers, and music bands. Asmaraloka was held on 21 January 2023.

As we enter the venue, we can instantly imagine the intimate atmosphere of Soehanna Hall, supported with divine decorations, premium delicacies, and beautiful music supported by room acoustics of Soehanna Hall, which adds to the enjoyment of the whole experience. It will indeed be the perfect place to celebrate the big day.

This event also provides tips and tricks on preparing a wedding carried in a talk show with experienced speakers. Visitors also received various prizes from vendors and, of course, Soehanna Hall. For those who have yet to experience the excitement of this event or are planning to get married next year, we will meet again at Asmaraloka 2.0 next year.

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