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Evacuation Drill 2020

The General Evacuation Drill is an annual event in which its core purpose is to maintain awareness and readiness of the building management and the floor wardens when being faced with a sudden emergency situation. This year the activity was held on November 21st, 2020.
With a pandemic situation, the drill is focused on testing the security system, and is carried out in compliance with health protocols, and is only attended by building management


Covid-19 Prevention

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The world has been transformed. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented and growing global crisis with devastating health, economic and social impact in every country.

In this health crisis, first and foremost, it is vital and urgent to ensure the health and safety of our tenants as part of The Energy family. We doing prevention by disinfecting all floors regularly, screening all tenants and visitors, and maintaining health protocols. We will continue to develop more preventative action aiming to create a decent environment in this building.



The Energy Building Health Screening

As per Government regulations, We need to take precautionary measures against Covid-19, this includes a daily health-screening questionnaire and temperature reading of each person entering
The Energy building.

With QR Code Health Check-In, visitors heading to the tenant office floor can use their smartphone to check themselves into the building, thereby allowing a touchless check-in option.
This check-in appears on the security and receptionist dashboard to allow for verification before entry. This system also makes it easier to track down visitors potentially infected with COVID-19.




The Energy Disinfectant Treatment

The Energy building provides regular disinfection and surface sanitation in all areas, including inside the office space. We do surface cleaning combined with fogging to disinfect areas quickly and safely. We also do regular hygiene/bacteria checks for high-touch surfaces in every office space.

We disinfect the public's high-touch surfaces frequently and every time the area is cleaned, such as elevator buttons, rail, light switches, doorknobs, etc. We do our best to make the facility has the highest level of hygiene for everyone’s safety.


HSE Hydrant Training

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On Saturday 14 December 2019, the HSE department held training on the use of hydrant and rescue techniques in the event of an emergency as part of a program to socialize building safety procedures. As trainers are Mr. Marwanto and the team from the DKI Fire Department The event lasted for approximately 2 hours in an interesting and interactive presentation involving the trainees.

The purpose of this training is to be able to identify the potential for fire and distinguish the types of fires that occur, able to use HYDRANT safely and correctly, including safe position to extinguish the fire.


MEDCO Bersatu Untuk Indonesia


Commemorating Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence Medco held a flag raising ceremony at The Energy Building on August 17th.

The Independence Day celebrations were enlivened by uplifting performances from ME Voices and ME Band, and rounded off with a range of gastronomic offers and attractive prizes, including a Brompton Bicycle as Door Prize.

On this occasion Medco also awarded prizes to the winners of the Medco Games Competition which was held from 22 July to 17 August 2019.

We expect that the 17 August celebrations and activities served to reinforce the relationship between employees and management of Medco Energy and Medco Groups as well as increase synergy and cooperation between companies.

Photo Credit: Medco Group

The Socialization of The Tax Amnesty 2016

Sosialisasi Amnesti Pajak

PT Api Metra Graha as building management in cooperation with the KPP Pratama Jakarta – Kebayoran Baru Satu, held a Socialization of The Tax Amnesty on 22 August 2016 at Jasmine Room, 2nd Floor. The event was opened by Mr. Meidi Lazuardi as president director of PT Api Metra Graha. On that occasion Mr. Meidi conveyed the importance of this event in providing clear information to taxpayers, especially those in The Energy Building. The presentation was given by Mr. Agus Sefiyadi and team from the tax office. This event was attended by 100 guests from The Energy Building.

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