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Handrail Sanitation for Everyone Safety

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The whole world is currently facing the covid-19 outbreak. The question of how to effectively disinfect surfaces and reduce the spread of the virus has become a main concern for building management. We provide Schindler handrail Ultra UV device on all of our escalators as a new method for disinfecting handrails.
Specifically, the device is used to efficiently disinfect the handrails of escalators in order to suppress the spread of viruses. Ultra UV device uses germicidal UVC light to irradiate the handrails at a short distance, only 15 mm, ensuring that bacteria and viruses are effectively killed. With this physical disinfection process using UVC LED technology, handrails are disinfected in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The device is installed inside the escalator to ensure passenger safety. Utilizing the circular motion of the handrails, these are automatically disinfected as they


How we're doing our part to keep you safe

The Energy Building is proud to build on a reputation for life-enriching services and benefits with the following newly-enhanced protocols focused on optimizing the health and safety of our tenants, staffs and guests.

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