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National Resurgence Day Event

Celebrating the National Resurgence Day, on May 20, 2022, a solemn celebration initiated by Bpk. Dedi Sjahrir Panigoro with Medco…

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Introducing: Selasar Ampera

Welcoming our new venue,   Selasar Ampera is a semi-outdoor venue with a minimalist design that makes this functional space…

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UV Air Purification System

The quality of the air we breathe, the cleanness of surfaces and objects we touch, and the purity of water…

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2021’s Journey Recap

On behalf of the Management Team, wishing you good health and success always. Last year, the world has been transformed…

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How we're doing our part to keep you safe

The Energy Building is proud to build on a reputation for life-enriching services and benefits with the following newly-enhanced protocols focused on optimizing the health and safety of our tenants, staff, and guests.

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