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Building Facilities

Designed for the modern professional, The Energy building provides market-leading facilities with service excellence in line with its best-in-class, Class A Premium reputation.



Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal [PORT]

PORT technology provides the solutions to move people more efficiently, each PORT terminal comes equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor, when a passenger scans their personal access card at the PORT terminal, the system can verify that passenger’s credentials through a secure central database and automatically call or display the floors they authorized to go to, which add security to all tenant offices.

PORT Elevator technology also helps to reduce contact on public surfaces, equipped buildings safe and secure. Our Elevator cabin also equipped with an air sanitation device using Schindler UV CleanAir, elevator cabins can sanitize and cycle their air more frequently and efficiently keeping cabin air fresh and hygienic.



Reliable and invisible protection for handrails

Our escalators equipped with Schindler Ultra UV device used to efficiently disinfect the handrails of escalators in order to suppress the spread of viruses. This device uses germicidal UVC light to irradiate the handrails at a short distance, only 15 mm, ensuring that bacteria and viruses are effectively killed.

The device is installed inside the escalator to ensure passenger safety. Utilizing the circular motion of the handrails, these are automatically disinfected as they circulate.



RFID long range reader & touchless button

Tenants and Visitors use RFID to access the parking areas, and securely park their vehicles with 24-hour security and CCTV system.

A long-range RFID reader for the car park management system enables tenants to open parking gates without opening the window or stopping the vehicle. Our RFID reader based on automatic vehicle identification (AVI) technology, enable vehicle-specific access to the reserved parking area, as well as more efficient entries and exits for vehicles.

For visitors, simply by waving their hand in front of the ticket dispenser, visitors enable to enter with the Touchless Ticket Button. At the exit gate, all vehicles are also enabled to pay the rent with electronic money.

The Energy building also provides 100 lots of bicycle parking, as well as lockers and a shower room.



Multiple protections building

The Energy building provides different types of protection to handle the large numbers of people that come and go from the entrance into the exit gate.

The Energy equipped with 24/7 On-site Security, Building Tenant Access—An access control system determines who can gain entry to office buildings through authorized credentials that can unlock a barrier gate, automatic access to the authorized destination floor in elevator use, and unlock a door. This way, only registered tenants/visitors have access to the floor or workspace they're authorized to go to.

Security cameras and video surveillance also mounted in every corner of the building to help security teams see what’s happening in key areas. Keeping everyone secure and comfortable.




Reliable emergency preparedness and response

The Energy building is also equipped with an alarm system for an emergency situation and complies with Fire and Safety standards, including the use of an automatic water sprinkler system, smoke and heat detectors, hydrants available for Fire Brigade use on each floor, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, two escape staircases, and a public address system.

The Emergency Response Team is also ready to handle emergency/crisis situations, including ambulance standby and health emergency teams. Our building regularly held fire evacuation drills to ensure everyone has their awareness and responsive reaction if a real emergency situation happens.

Finance & Banking Facilities

With 3 banks, a money changer, and ATMs from all major banks, The Energy Building provides optimal access to all your banking needs


Other Facilities

Other facilities icon-600x600-foodcourt2

Food Court

Mosque Yusuf

Other facilities icon-600x600-wifi

Wireless Fidelity

Other facilities icon-600x600-pos

Pos Office

How we're doing our part to keep you safe

The Energy Building is proud to build on a reputation for life-enriching services and benefits with the following newly-enhanced protocols focused on optimizing the health and safety of our tenants, staff, and guests.

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