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MEDCO Bersatu Untuk Indonesia


Commemorating Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence Medco held a flag raising ceremony at The Energy Building on August 17th.

The Independence Day celebrations were enlivened by uplifting performances from ME Voices and ME Band, and rounded off with a range of gastronomic offers and attractive prizes, including a Brompton Bicycle as Door Prize.

On this occasion Medco also awarded prizes to the winners of the Medco Games Competition which was held from 22 July to 17 August 2019.

We expect that the 17 August celebrations and activities served to reinforce the relationship between employees and management of Medco Energy and Medco Groups as well as increase synergy and cooperation between companies.

Photo Credit: Medco Group

Potret Perjuangan: Sinergi Membangun Negeri

Potret Perjuangan

In order to commemorate the 71th Independence Day, Medco Energi International in cooperation with Yayasan Musik Sastra Indonesia held the exhibition of paintings and photographs and music performances with the theme : Potret Perjuangan – Sinergi Membangun Negeri.

Exhibition of paintings and photos take place on 15 - August 19, 2016 held in the lobby and hallway, while the musical performances were held on August 16, taking place in the lobby and mezzanine gallery area. Nuance anniversary of independence visible through the decoration and arrangement of photos and paintings in the public areas of the building.

Performances of music featuring the Rene Van Helsdingen, Andi /rif, Kikan, Dira Sugandi, Ananda Sukarlan, Andy Gomez, PS & Band Alumni ITB as well as poetry readings interspersed by Acha Septriasa successfully entertained the tenant building and invitations. Some artists like Andi /rif, Kikan, and Dira Sugandi highly appreciated the activities of music performances in an office building as the Energy did.

In addition to musical performances, the event also provides space for art lovers Indonesia to see the painting works of Indonesian artists. In this exhibition shows some of the paintings from Arifin Panigoro’s and Medco’s collection, among others, 'Pangeran Diponegoro' painting works of Dede Supria, 'Batu Hijau' Sunaryo works, works of S. Soedjojono 'Asap Kemerdekaan', 'Nelayan Menatap Kemerdekaan' by Hendra Gunawan, and 'Wanita Merah Putih' work of Suprobo. Some of the photos that show the history of Medco in a pioneering effort in the field of energy also adorn the exhibition.

Chief organizer of events Performances of Music and Painting Exhibition, Dedi Panigoro hope that this event is able to invite the visitors to remember and reminisce the struggle of the heroes.

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