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Indulge your palate with our gastronomy from various cultures, serving a wide range of cuisines to stimulate your senses

From breakfast, lunch, casual afternoon snacks, dinner, relaxing after work, or partying, even treat clients or friends in business and non-business meetings, The Energy building has a variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes with superior tastes and atmosphere to pamper your body and soul

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Amuz Gourmet Restaurant cozily nestles in a corner of the second floor of the Energy Building, which makes this fine-dining venue a perfect getaway from the crowded and busy streets of Jakarta.

The contemporary romantic, chic Parisian interior, features Eiffel Tower-inspired ironwork, unique teardrop-like chandeliers, and original paintings by some of Indonesia’s most renowned artists. Amuz Gourmet Restaurant is ready to amuse you from the very moment you step into this fine-dining restaurant.

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Artoz Bar offers a new concept of lounge and bar with a complete selection of wine and liquors. With the largest collection of whisky from around the world, as well as cognacs, Artoz Bar is the perfect sanctuary to unwind and relax from the daily stress of life in Jakarta.

Here, you can find over 100 variants of single malt and blended whisky, 25 kinds of cognac, and seven kinds of Armagnac. It also has cigar collections. Definitely a list to impress any enthusiast. Artoz Bar presents different kinds of live music Monday to Thursday Including jazz performances by many of Indonesia’s seasoned jazz musicians.

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APREZ CAFE is your everyday cafe and showcase of AREZ Catering that offers traditional and western food. Lead by Chef Stefu Santoso, the President of Association Culinary Professionals 3 periods in a row we are here to serve you warm and comfortable food. With our food selections, Aprez brings the best out of everyday food to a higher level of cuisine. 
This stylish space features a highly updated approach to Art Deco, contrasting modern feel with luxury materials like brass and marble brings you to a better way of dining at a high standard but affordable price.

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Mr. Fox brings out delightful dishes that encompass a wide range of flavors crafted by an award-winning chef to further improve your culinary experience. From fresh healthy brunch selections, modern twists uptake of classic comfort dish, to a variety of cocktails, wine, and rare liquor - sourced from all around the world to keep your night warm.

Complete with a refined bar, friendly mixologists, and exciting weekly music programs, Mr. Fox is the ultimate place to hang out for cocktail enthusiasts and foodies alike. So if you are in a mood to hunt down some unique flavors of dishes and cocktails, Mr. Fox will welcome you with open arms.

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Caffe Tutti puts forward the concept of small shops on Italy's streets. When you enter Caffe Tutti, you will immediately forget that you are in an office building because the restaurant atmosphere is so warm and comfortable.

Tutti comes from Italian, which means 'Everyone,' so Caffe per Tutti means Cafe for everyone. So, it can be narrated that Caffe Tutti describes a sense of togetherness and a pleasant meeting when people share beautiful moments. You can find menu highlights here, including delicious pasta dishes, excellent pizzas, delectable entrees, fresh slices of bread and pastries, a selection of coffees, and refreshing drinks.

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Located on Mezzanine Floor, Chikara Resto serves a Japanese rice bowl. Serve with fresh ingredients make the Japanese cuisine such a fantastic delight.

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Gunungmas restaurant serves particularly Chinese Hokkian food. Without compromising the authenticity of the original Hokkian taste, we also serve fusion Chinese food that is delectable to our customers. Some of our all-time favorites are Hokkian Lomie, Fried Oyster and Egg, Fried Chicken, Taro Fish Soup, Hot and Sour Soup, and many other mouthwatering dishes. Our Yam Paste is a dessert worth trying to satisfy the sweet craving after a meal. By using the best ingredients possible, in addition to good service, ensure our customers have the best dining experience with us.



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Family Mart

Our Food Court offers a wide variety of food options. There's a variety of national brands to cater to everyone’s needs.

Operational Hours

07.00 a.m to 06.00 p.m


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Enjoy our varied gastronomy while still maintaining health protocols

How we're doing our part to keep you safe

The Energy Building is proud to build on a reputation for life-enriching services and benefits with the following newly-enhanced protocols focused on optimizing the health and safety of our tenants, staff, and guests.

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