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An Engagement of art and professionalism that combine into an integrated office building, The Energy’s crisp, tall, and elegantly proportioned crystalline shape evokes a surprisingly light yet energetic feeling. Designed by world-renowned architect Kohn Pederson Fox, The Energy with grade A Premium Building creates a working environment conducive to optimal productivity, whilst creating an ideal working environment with lower stress levels, potentially improving the quality of work and life.


Health & Safety Standards


Green Building Certification


Strategic Location


Electric Car Charging Station

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Building System

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A VRV system provides considerable savings on energy, costs, and space requirements. The VRV system controls the air conditions in each room individually. Hence it is ideal for the constantly changing occupancy of a typical building. Even further, precise level control is possible that reacts to the exact conditions in each room. Individual control promotes a far more economical and efficient system.



The Energy building is supplied by two PLN substations. Every zone (unit of rentable area) is metered separately to enable control of electricity usage for each tenant in the building. The standard lighting in the building utilizes an energy-saving LED.


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The building is equipped with CCTV cameras covering building entries and exits. The real-time DVR recording system is remotely monitored from the central Control Room.


The building types of equipment controlled and monitored using a sophisticated Integrated Building Management System (IBMS).


The building uses IP Telephony / IP PBX that transmits voice communication over a network using open-standards-based Internet Protocol with high clarity. This network provides a secure foundation optimized for data, wireless, and IP Communications, and is capable of supporting IP-to-IP gateways for easy and cost-effective connectivity between independent voice-over-IP (VoIP) networks and analog phone gateways using your existing phone equipment.


Fiber Optic Building Backbone The Optical Fiber Systems are the high-speed networking systems for today and tomorrow, combining superior bandwidth with easy installation. The Systems support up to 10-gigabit speeds needed for critical backbone networks while also supporting existing horizontal optical technologies. A complete line of products and components is available for your complete end-to-end optical fiber network.


Water supply from PDAM with deep-well back up. We actively support the program of environmental conservation, supported by water treatment facilities.

Strategic Location

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Business District Area

Centrally located in Primary Business District in Jakarta with close proximity to county government.

Surrounded by Famous Places

Surrounded by numerous exclusive office buildings, shopping malls, grocery markets, restaurants, cafes, bars, apartments, hotels, urban forests, sports zone areas, and venues are all within reach to support your needs and lifestyle.

Most Accessible Area

The Energy is very accessible with immediate links to a network of numerous routes throughout the SCBD, Jalan Senopati, Jalan Tulodong, and Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto.

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UV Air Purification System

February 15, 2022

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How we're doing our part to keep you safe

The Energy Building is proud to build on a reputation for life-enriching services and benefits with the following newly-enhanced protocols focused on optimizing the health and safety of our tenants, staff, and guests.

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